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P-3 Black Under-glaze with oil base


This is a strongly pigmented, finely ground black enamel suspended in oil

This paint can be used as an underglaze or an overglaze, but it is dealt with very differently in both opf these applications

UNDERGLAZE: Prepare the area to be teated very carefully to make sure that it is perfectly clean. I usually anneal, quench, pickle and neutralize with baking soda before applying - taking care not to touch the area with my fingers. Sometimes I apply it directly to the copper in the design that I wish, and sometimes I apply it to the whole area, allow it to dry, and then scratch a design in with a hard pointed wooden stick ( metal scribe will scratch the metal but anything can be used provided that the result is what you want!). Rubber stamps or other patterns can also be used to apply underglaze, but make sure it is not too thick. At it's blackest it should do no more than barely cover the copper.

As an underglaze the P-3 Black should be allowed to dry COMPLETELY before covering with enamel. Often it is advisable to leave it overnight in a hot dry spot to ensure complete drying. Klyr fire can be used, but it is advisable to spray it on rather than brush it, so as not to distrub the paint. A brush can be used if extreme care is taken in the application.

Any light coloured transparent colour can be used to cover it - I like flux, Ivory and Cascade best. Fire high to achieve complete clarity. If you are trying to create textural effects, a low firing might cause some interesting results.

Typical problems: enamel pulling away from the edges, cloudyness in the enamel, pits. Troubleshooting tips: Make sure you wash or sift your tansparent enamel before applying over this paint. Too thin a coat will produce pits and too thick a coat will be cloudy - only experience can tell you what is just right! Make sure the oil is completely dryed away before applying the enamel and make sure the enamel is completely free from moisture before firing.





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